Xplorer Fly Fishing was established in 1996 and has developed into a leading South African fly tackle brand. All of our tackle has been developed, designed and tested by our experienced team of fly anglers to ensure it’s built to meet function in our harsh conditions. Xplorer Fly Fishing offers the most comprehensive range of fly tackle in our market, from rods, reels, terminal tackle, Float Crafts, wading gear and more.

Now for the first time, Xplorer Fly Fishing has come to Europe. Marketed and distributed directly from Germany, everything that is exciting about Xplorer Fly Fishing Gear is now available to European fly anglers.


JEREMY ROCHESTER - Brand Ambassador for Xplorer Fly Fishing 

It all started in the Malawian Highlands when I first picked up a fly rod at the tender age of 8. Being raised in a family fishing business manufacturing fishing lures in the early 1980’s it was inevitable that fishing would be in my blood. After years of artificial lure angling I started fishing for trout in rivers and still waters in the Natal Midlands and discovered that casting a fly was my greatest passion.

After leaving school I joined the Fly Fisherman in Pietermaritzburg and gained experience in the retail industry, learning all aspects of fly fishing by targeting salt and freshwater species on the fly. After relocating to Durban to open a new branch of The Fly Fisherman I spent countless hours on the North and South coast fishing estuaries, harbours and the surf. In early 2000 I moved across to the wholesale side of the industry, joining Xplorer Fly Fishing, where I have been managing the sales relationships for the past 16 years. I have worked with Xplorer Fly Fishing on the R&D aspect of tackle development and marketing, assuming the role of brand ambassador.

As the brand ambassador for Xplorer Fly Fishing, I have been privileged to host the Wild Fly Fishing Series, covering many a destination around the globe. From Bill Fish offshore, to bones on the flats, to mountain streams casting dry flies to rising Brown Tout. My passion for Fly Fishing has grown even more so as I enjoy targeting as many species on fly as possible.

With my interest in trout fishing I have relocated to the KZN Midlands where I guide clients and manage still waters ensuring great fishing. I run specialised clinics targeting different species on the fly. As the brand ambassador I cover all the Fly Fishing festivals around the country meeting young and old Fly Fishing folk and learning something new every day.

It’s not always about the Fishing but the places and the people you get to share this special sport with.

SIMON HUNTER BUNN - Brand Ambassador Xplorer Fly Fishing Europe (Slovenia)

For as long as I can remember I've had an infatuation with fish and their environment.
I first picked up a fly rod at the age of 9 years and haven't been able to put one down to date. I have lived and followed my passions of fly fishing with extreme vigor and enthusiasm as this is where I feel most comfortable. The people, environments and adventures are also what keep drawing me back to this addiction.

I grew up in the South African Midlands chasing Trout and Yellow Fish. Later on in life I moved to the South Eastern Coast where I spearfished, dived, guided, boated and fished on a day to day life style. At this point I met my amazing wife and adventure partner, Nina, we then travelled to the Caribbean where I ran a top class Fly Fishing and Diving Lodge before feeling the tug to get back to fresh water rivers to chase salmonids again. Upon my return to South Africa we decided to get into trout farming and today we run a very successful trout farm in the Drakensberg. I have produced around 500 tons of trout and around 6 000 000 fish. The passion runs deep. I have stocked a huge volume of this production around the Drakensberg Highlands bringing much joy to myself and many an angle. I still assist with fisheries management.

Nina being Slovenian convinced me and our young family of 3 kids to venture too Slovenia, where we have set up a family business, Hunter Fly Fishing. We host and guide around these amazing waters, in search of those perfect fly fishing moments and sharing our passion.

Since knowing Jeremy Rochester and the Xplorer and Wildfly Television crew, I've been hooked on Xplorer and tend to find myself with my Xplorer gear wherever I go, in search of those perfect moments.

I am hugely proud to be part of the Xplorer team and look forward to introducing many a fly fishermen to this great brand.

Tight lines and never give up on your search.


CHRISTOPHER BRYANT - International Pro Staff- Northern Ireland

“I grew up in the rural mountains of the Eastern Cape and started fishing at the age of 5 under the tutelage of my grandmother. By early teens I was fly fishing every little lake and river I could gain access to and cut my teeth fishing for trout, largemouth bass and yellowfish on fly. After meeting, pursuing, dating and ultimately marrying a Northern Irish lass, I left my career as a Ranger and life in the bush for the ‘greener pastures’ of Northern Ireland. I now work as a Park Ranger and am also a fly fishing guide and casting instructor with APGAI Ireland.I would describe myself as a fanatic, obsessed by all things fly fishing related, but I have a particular fondness for pursuing trout in the tiniest of rivers using ultra-light gear.
I am proud to be on board the Xplorer Fly Fishing team and look forward to many memorable moments out on the water with Xplorer.”